Sunday, November 11, 2012

After the "fun" is is not yet party time...there is much more work to be done!

First, and most important....after harvesting your buds, be sure to dig up, and remove completely, all root balls and mainstems that would usually just be left in the ground over the wintertime. If the root balls will not come out of the ground, uproot them using a gorilla bar, or something similar. Very large plants leave behind "tree stumps" that are easily spotted from a distance. The cops can charge you with growing marijuana, and the only "evidence" that they need to obtain a conviction is root balls and stems that are left in the ground after harvesting! Just as an example, I reside in Illinois, and felony charges come into play if you grow 5 plants, or more. How would you like to have to deal with a felony charge, and the resulting legal fees, just because you were too lazy to dig the root balls out of the ground, or to remove then from your growing container?

A full season oudoor cannabis plant can grow a stem the size of a small tree trunk in a single Summer! Dispose of this "evidence" thoroughly!
Always remember, your growing season is never completely over until all tools, garbage, and especially, root balls and stems, are dug up and eliminated.

The best way to get rid of this evidence is to either dig a hole and bury them deep, or burn the stems in your firepit until nothing but ashes are left. Never, ever, dispose of them in the garbage! If you do not have a firepit, use a barbeque gril, or a backyard fireplace to burn them. Also, do not start an outdoor fire on your property if there are still plants growing there. If someone calls the police about the fire, they now have every right to enter your property. Think before you do anything, when there are living, growing plants on your premises.

Do not just dig them up and throw them ten or twenty feet into the bush! This is not something to be lazy about, this is court admissable evidence of your marijuana cultivation activities! Growers have been arrested on federal charges (100 or more cultivated plants) based on nothing more than the remaining stems that the police found in the ground.

Here is a short excerpt from my book "Guerilla Growing Trade Secrets: Hints Kinks and Tips for the Clandestine Cannabis Grower" concerning this subject:

"The feds are charging me with 100+ plants! The state police came in, and they found nothing; all of the plants had been chopped down, except for 10 moms. The feds then came onto the case, saying they had evidence of more than 100 plants being cultivated. Remember, 100 plants triggers the federal statutes. All the feds found were old root balls, and some stalks, a total count of 112 to be exact. They also found around a pound of dried herb, along with a bunch of my hunting guns. The state charged me with the manufacture of less than 10 pounds, along with the charge of simultaneous possession of firearms, at least until the federales hand down their indictment. My research reveals the plants are defined as having leaves and roots! Can they really charge me with only root balls as evidence? My lawyer says that we have to wait and see what they really have, it is still very early in the case."

It doesn't matter which state you are in. This is about the federal DA building his reputation, the asset forfeiture laws, and you rolling over on someone you know, as a confidential informant. If you own a nice home, expensive vehicle, or have a fat bank account, every jurisdiction out there is hungry for your money. And the feds are much less restricted in their methods of disposal of forfeited assets than most states are..................."

"I hate to tell you this, but the evidence of a crime seems credible. I do hope that there were no leaves attached to any of those stalks? If not, hold out for the jury trial option. To prove their charge of 100+ plants, they'll have to have all of those stems, and root balls tested, in order to prove that they are indeed marijuana stems.................."

"I have no idea of where you are, but Michigan law states clearly that you cannot be charged for root balls or stems....the feds may be something totally different though?"

"It all boils down to the feds being able to prove that a crime has been committed. Root balls reveal the existence of a once living cannabis plant. The feds do not have rules that determine what is a legal plant, and what is not. They have gone after people for rooting 100 cuttings! If they test the root balls, they can determine the maturity of the plant when it was cut down............................."

"Me and a guerilla partner got raided a few years back. When all was said and done, they counted 360 root balls, and they charged my partner with a class C felony. I escaped on my four-wheeler, down an old creek bed for about two miles, and then into the deep woods. My partner got 30 days in county jail, and had to pay a lawyer $8000. Not too bad, for the amount of profit that was involved from the harvest, but they can definitely charge you with a crime using only root balls as evidence."

Damn, and here I am, sitting around in February, with piles of dried leaves, and stems, inside, along with root balls outside everywhere, just because I'm too lazy to dispose of them! I am getting up off of my dead ass right now, and heading outside to uproot the root balls. Although, it would have been a hell of a lot easier if I had done it right after harvest, before the ground was frozen solid. I am then going to burn all of my left over stems, branches, and leaves in my backyard fireplace, late tonite. I plan on fueling my burning program with a couple of 40 ouncers of Steel Reserve malt liquor, and a giant spliff of "Pinewarp" (Texada Timewarp X Purple Pineberry), my favorite Indica strain!
Guerilla Growing Trade Secrets
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