Friday, December 2, 2011

Guerilla Growing Trade Secrets: signed serial-numbered copies available now!

CHECK OUT a REALLY COOL flash viewer preview of Guerilla Growing Trade Secrets here. Vinnie Kaz has allowed you to preview almost 80 pages out of the 400 found in the book!
The first 500 copies of Guerilla Growing Trade Secrets: hints kinks and tips for the clandestine cannabis grower, are off the press, perfect bound, and now on sale at the website: 

The first 500 copies are assigned serial numbers (1~500) and signed by the author, Vinnie Kaz.

Soon to be a collectors item, these original, signed, serial numbered manuscripts will make a great stocking stuffer for the "gardener" in your life!

Bottom line: the guerilla grower desires to double, even triple, current yields of the outdoor cannabis garden, while reducing risk, and the amount of back breaking labor involved.

This is a book about outdoor, guerilla-style, marijuana cultivation, written by the very professionals out there in the fields doing the growing, risking their asses to supply the country with high-grade, connoisseur quality marijuana. Guerilla Growing Trade Secrets is written in the form of an internet growers forum: questions are presented, then answers and solutions to those problems are provided by experienced marijuana growers.


Because of the very illegal nature of the cannabis plant, it is very hard for experienced growers to get together and compare notes. It ain't like brewing beer! It can be done, using the various growing forums found on the internet, but the researcher would have to sift through tons and tons of misinformation, and old wives tales, before stumbling across that one grower out of 100 that can actually provide the solution to his or her marijuana growing problems.

"Budding" author Vinnie Kaz has solved this problem for you, distilling the business of clandestine cannabis cultivation down to its' most important techniques, tactics, and procedures. The drive, and the creativity, of the modern day marijuana grower is clearly demonstrated throughout the almost 400 pages, and 34 chapters of this book.

"Guerilla Growing Trade Secrets: hints kinks and tips for the clandestine cannabis grower" has been described as "the Marijuana Growers Guide meeting up in a brutal, head-on collision with Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. This book is written from an engineering, as well as a logistical, viewpoint. Each and evey page of this book contains a multitude of novel and ingenious marijuana growing methods and techniques.

Until next time,

Vinnie Kaz

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